Forgotten Songs of the 2000's: Therapy?

Irish rockers Therapy? had been around for over ten years before the release of 2003’s High Anxiety. They’d been through quite a lot, lineup changes, faulty record deals and audience indifference, but still they persevered. With the release of High Anxiety, the band went back to their roots, driving hard rock and the album’s standout, “If It Kills Me” was one of the best songs of their career and one song that needs to be heard by more.


The song is simple, but that’s the story of Therapy?’s career, they don’t know how to do things any differently, so why bother changing anything. The drumming of dynamo Neil Cooper propels the song to its hard-hitting best. The always reliable Andrew Cairns, a mix of soul and punk, delivers some of his best lyrics here, talking about the same thing he’s always talked about, failed relationships and how to get them restarted.

While the band gave it their best shot, it wasn’t enough and the song was left to wither and rot on the vine. But the band didn’t let it get them down and continued recording and touring. As of 2020, it is still unavailable to stream or download in the U.S. which is a criminal shame and needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Till then, the next best thing is watching the video on YouTube where you can witness Neil Cooper drumming slower than usual with a broken shoulder and a load of drugs to help him through the shoot.


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