Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Forgotten Songs of the '90s: Rave-Ups

Forgotten Songs of the ‘90s: Rave-Ups

One of the most forgotten bands of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s were the Rave-Ups out of L.A. The band struggled for years until they got noticed by John Hughes and landed a song on the soundtrack of “Sixteen Candles” and then landed a deal with Epic Records. After releasing one record, 1988’s The Book of Your Regrets, they almost got dropped but some people at the label really had faith in the band and they were able to hang on long enough to make another record, 1990’s Chance and ended up scoring a hit with the masterful “Respectfully King of Rain.”

Kicking off with the excellent riffs of guitarist Terry Wilson and the vocals of Jimmer Podrasky, the band get into the groove quickly and are unable to let it go. By the time they get to the chorus, one almost wonders if the song is about the band’s attempts at success, “Well I won’t make it if you won’t make it, take these lonesome dreams of making it, down.” The band are able to convey these images with one hell of a galloping jaunt through the major label turnstiles. Terry Wilson’s excellent guitar playing help strengthen the band’s resolve and made the song stand out on modern rock radio more than most other songs of the time.

Unfortunately, despite the song’s power, it failed to generate record sales for the band and they found themselves dropped by the end of 1990 and disbanded two years later. They’ve reunited several times over the years; let’s hope more people will hear them and realize what a great band they were and what they missed the first time around.


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